Herbal health conditioning expert-Yi Zhen International, closely cooperates with well-known experts from many institutions such as the World Central Committee for Prevention of Diseases, Hubei Province Li Shizhen Qiai Research Institute, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other well-known experts, combining traditional herbal conditioning Wisdom, select the top-grade wormwood from the original planting base of Ai Ai, and use the world's cutting-edge extraction technology to mature moxibustion in the field of sub-health conditioning. Nine-pointed wormwood, hence the name Siyi, is named after the nine tips on the leaves. The leaves are thick and the back of the moxa is very rich. It is called the king of wormwood and is often used for moxibustion. It is named after being produced in Qizhou. Jiujian wormwood oil has obvious anti-asthmatic, antitussive, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effects. The effect of making moxa sticks from the nine-pointed wormwood leaves is the best.
草本养生调理专家——易臻国际,与世中 联治未病专业委员会、湖北省 李时珍蕲艾研究所、上海中医药大学、南京中 医药大学等多家机构知名专家密切合作,结合传 统草本调理智慧,甄选蕲 艾原产种植基地上等艾叶,透过世 界前沿萃取技术,将灸疗 成熟的运用于亚健康调理领域。九尖贡艾,故名思 义艾叶上有九个尖而得名,叶子肥厚,叶背艾绒非常丰富,称作为蕲艾之王,常用作艾灸,因产于蕲州而得名,九尖蕲 艾油有明显的平喘、镇咳、祛痰及清炎作用。而九尖 蕲艾的艾叶制作艾条的效果为最佳。
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