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Shanghai IKKO New Material Technology Co., Ltd founded in 2017. IKKO is a professional company specializing in the R&D, design, manufacture and sale of the tube, container and building materials AB tubes in top cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and daily chemicals. Organized a research and development group with huge investment. Attach great importance to team building. Make comprehensive deployment of high-caliber personnel. Not only provide considerate technical advice to customers, but also customized the best quality products according to the requirement. The main production lines are all introduced from Switzerland, Denmark, Germany and other European countries. It can meet the customers different requirement of the pharmaceutical and food. Integrative packaging solution by IKKO turns your conception into reality.
上海艾 鲲新材料科技有限公司由艾录股份发起组建,成立于2017年,目前为 艾录股份控股子公司,是一家专注于化妆品、医用、食品、日化等软管、容器以及建材用AB管的研发、设计、制造和 销售的专业公司。我司斥 巨资组建研发团队,全面部署专业人才,为客户 提供贴心的技术咨询,量身定 制合适的优质产品。引进瑞士、丹麦、德国等国家的设备,拥有GMP生产环境,可满足医药级、食品级 等不同客户的需求。
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